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kids power ride on toys

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87/365 SOOC Uh, Optimus Prime... Right?

87/365 SOOC Uh, Optimus Prime... Right?


For one week (ending on Saturday) my theme will be SOOC (straight out of camera) with the exception of resizing. I tend to do a lot of Photoshop work on my pictures and I think I should start focusing on capturing the image I want from the get go.

Transformers are cool, sure, but I didn't grow up with them and I never had any and damn, I have GOT to upload a picture of my brothers 700,000,000 (to the third power) toys. Like Transformers and other, uh, bot things. And Bionicles and stuff.

Really, the kids a genius and I love him and it's hilarious because every time I talk to him he tries to educate me on what is what and when it was this instead of that... The kid has the histories of all of his toys memorized.

I didn't even know toys HAD histories. Jeez. He knows every revamp and re-editions... Or whatever.

I feel so old.

So we went to my parents house and my parents (so cool) had gotten Tony a late b-day present (Fallout 3) and me an early one (a friggin' laptop - mine broke and my dad was gonna give me his old one but didn't want to part with it) and fed us and it was awesome having them here. I didn't have to watch my mom cry when we left because it would be a year until we saw them next, we didn't have an 8 hour ride back home and we were calm and relaxed and didn't have to cram a year's worth of stuff into one 4 hour sitting.

I really had a blast. And Tony seemed to have a good time too, he seemed really at ease with my folks.

I don't want to take for granted that they're here. Because someday they won't be and Joe will be older and more distant and less likely to want to blather on to his aging, toy-retarded sister.

Today was good. So good. I love my family.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

2 SB-600's, one was zoomed in at either 28mm or 35mm, slightly behind him pointing at the white wall on full power (he was about two feet in front of it). The other was zoomed in at 85mm, about three feet from him, slightly to his left, on 1/4 power. Triggered by built-in flash on Commander Mode "--"

Lots of people credit the movie Rad with being their introduction to BMX. Not me. Mine was the true horror film E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. I was damn terrified of little ET, but I loved the scene with the kids on their bikes, riding ET to safety.

When I was almost 16 my aunt bought be a big stuffed ET, and I finally realized he wasn't a monster. He was a cuddler.

Which is why he is covered in dust.

kids power ride on toys

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