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Best Toys 5 Year Old Girl

best toys 5 year old girl

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5 years ago my mother's beloved Husky/German Shepard passed away. She was my mom's best friend and my mom chrished every moment spent with her. She would accompany my mom in the yard as my mom was gardening, they went on long walks together, and she loved camping with me and my family. We took her surfing alot and the beach was her favorite past time. We missed her so much and my mom was left with a very large void in her life. My 7 year old son would cry day and night as he missed Mischa so much. He urged us to get another dog, and we just didnt want to go through the heartache again. My grandpa took my mom to go puppy hunting to help her feel better. Months went by, and still nothing could replace Mischa. Finally, the ASPCA had about 4 puppies they were looking to have someone adopt. My moter refused. I am a volunteer at the ASPCA and I just knew my mother would fall head over heals for these puppies. The puppies were abandoned at the beach park, probably because the owners knew they were unable to povide for the pups financilly. The problem was that these puppies were going to be very expensive as they are toy dogs. There was one puppy, different from the rest. She was very clumsy and shy. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. We adopted the most amazing little girl ever! Her name is Heine, although she cannot replace Mischa, she definitely is more than sufficient! We love her to pieces, and we spoil her every moment we get! We bring her to Petco once a month and our favorite groomers are Amy and Jillian, we love them and they adore Heine. We bring her everywhere we go, shes a part of the family and no one person (or animal) can replace her. She's super clumsy and sometimes we need to keep an extra eye out on her because she runs into doors, walls, and sometimes slips off the bed. Shes a silly little girl! She sleeps on her ownsofa couch that she claims as her own, and when shes moody (just like a teenage girl) she goes into her cage (kennel) and takes all her toys with her (she might as well put the keep out sign up like a normal teen) If you ever met her, you will fall in love. Shes such a joy and so much fun!



Amelia Bedelia is an adorable, playful little rat terrier mix. Her foster mom, Marissa, says, "Amelia is one of the best and easiest fosters I have ever had, and I have had many! She was a stray in Kentucky and was taken to a shelter. She was in very bad shape, probably hit by a car. The shelter planned to euthanize her, but PIF (Pay It Forward Animal Welfare Network) pulled her instead. Because of her accident, she had to have one of her hind legs removed and an eye injury repaired. Her eye is perfect now, and after her surgery healed, she runs faster than all of the dogs in her foster home. She get along with everyone and LOVES to play. But she also settles right down and cuddles. She is perfectly housetrained and is left out when I am away with no incidents. Her one downside? Playing with squeaky toys at 5 a.m. :) She is about 2 years old, has all shots including rabies, distemper, and bordatella. She is spayed and tested heartworm negative. Not a single person has inquired about her Petfinder ad. They are missing out on a lovely little girl."

Contact is

Marissa Shoemaker Dunn
Pay It Forward Animal Welfare Network
a 501(c)(3) organization located in Henderson, KY. AMELIA lives in a Greenville, IL foster home.

best toys 5 year old girl

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