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buy toys china

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Pirates Raid pseudo-Lego toy from Wange Toys

Pirates Raid pseudo-Lego toy from Wange Toys

I was at Toys R' Us inside Robinsons Galleria yesterday when I chanced upon this pseudo-Lego toy set from Wange Toys (China) and I couldn't help but buy one since it's just around 50 PHP only. The sales attendant told me that a lot of people are buying these Wange "pseudo-Lego" Toys for the figures... I mean c'mon, compared to spending hundreds or even thousands of Pesos on the real deal, right? Anyways, I'll be unboxing this soon so stay tuned for the photos.

Why Does the Mechanical Bird Hop?

Why Does the Mechanical Bird Hop?

I bought these wind-up birds at a little toy store in Beijing, China last year. The collection of 1950esque wind-up toys was really amazing -- the simplicity and the fun factor were great. Here's one hopping and one still.

buy toys china

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